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About Us

South India’s rich culture now adorns your walls

Get a glimpse of the rich heritage of the ancient era of South India with Dharshini Art Works. We present some of the best works in Mural painting, Tanjore paintings, Mysore Art and Embellished kalamkari work. For art connoisseurs, Dharshini Art Works provides a complete glimpse of South India’s finest artists using a variety of approaches to create some of the finest art works to come out of Indian subcontinent.

We welcome you to check out the huge range of paintings that employ different styles, have been painted by exemplary artists of the past era and are fitted upon stunningly beautiful framework. Together they lend an unmatched sense of aesthetics and cultural richness. Dating back to as old as 12th century A.D., these paintings inspire awe and instil opulence in today’s times when passion towards these rare arts have dwindled. It offers a glimpse into the superlative work created through sheer hard work and an eye for detail. We strive to put these paintings on your walls, so that your home or office can boast of exotic artwork from South India that emphasizes on beauty, grace and symmetry.

Some of the ways in which Dharshini Art Works helps your walls to come alive with vibrant colours and vivid hues of human emotion are :

  • Mural paintings from Kerala
  • Tanjore paintings from Tamil Nadu
  • Mysore paintings from Karnataka
  • Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh

The works of art are created from different materials such as vegetable dyes, natural colour pigments, glass beads, and precious stones. We make sure that the themes and colours come to life by placing these on raw silk background of complementary shades and covering with it aesthetically designed frameworks. The overall effect is awe inspiring and will leave an indelible impression on the minds of onlookers.

Grab these collectors’ works today and get a touch of class, beauty and ancient art forms, only at Dharshini Art Works – the premier place that offers a glimpse of the golden era of South India at its finest.